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Even though there's often a lot of discussion about prices and market trends, my recommendation to clients is to prioritize personal taste when purchasing. The true value of a classic car isn't measured in financial returns, but in the joy and satisfaction it brings — the "smiles per kilometre," so to speak. Moreover, classic cars serve as a conduit to aunique community, connecting you with like-minded individuals. The global appeal of collector cars is undeniable; they are universally admired and appreciated. No matter where you are in the world, you'll likely encounter enthusiasts who share a passion for cars.

As someone who loves collecting classic cars, I see myself more as a collector than a seller. Usually, collectors prefer to keep their cars rather than sell them, and selling isn't really my strong suit. That's why I only sell classic cars that we've restored in our shop or ones that have been in our maintenance program for a long time. We know these cars really well and trust their quality, so we make sure we're only selling the best ones.

Andreas Ullstein