“The Dash

09.02.2019 , Torremolinos – Spain

We were amazed to see so many enthusiastic men and women celebrating our unique “Car Show” revealing an era full of vintage designs and chrome and absolutely getting thrilled by “The Dash”, the most southern 1/8-milesprint in Europe. According to the townhall records, more than 4500 people made their way to Torremolinos in order to celebrate this extraordinary day with us.

Under the umbrella of Europe’s biggest Rockabilly Festival, the “Rockin Race Jamboree” and participants from all over Europe, such as the Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Germany and the UK, over 50 Classic and Custom Cars, Hot Rods and Vintage Hot Rods gathered on the beach side of Torremolinos.  

One year of hard work, dedication and a lot of money went into this event. Hence, we like to thank our collaboration partners, the Townhall of Torremolinos with all their staff, the local Police and all others who have assisted today and over the past few months. Thank you!

We know that many visitors have travelled from quite a distance, which is great and thrilling! However, we would like to give a special mention to just a few of those; Thomas from Denmark, who, with his team hosts one of the most spectacular Race events of the year, the Rømø Motor festival. In addition, we have Lasse and Hans from Sweden. Marco and Jörg from Germany, and certainly Russel and Dan from the UK. All of them are real classic car enthusiasts. Thanks for coming and for your support.

A special thanks goes to the Santos Southside CC, from Seville for their support in this first edition. Guys you have selected a great “Best of Show” winner and I am honoured to have received a club badge. Thank you, guys! Also, a big hug and thanks goes to the greatest Flag Girl ever; Miriam. You were AMAZING and most certainly a great part of that day´s success.  

However, and even more important, I like to thank my team and all the friends who without their help, this event would have not happened. My sincere thanks.

Last but not least, a big thankyou goes to those who pay the bills and have put so much into this event… a special thanks to Coast Classics and Guille of the Rockin Race Jamboree.

See you soon.

Andreas Ullstein

The happy winners are:

Public Choice: Vicente Anton – 1953 Buick Special Riviera

Best of Show: Laura Braun – 1952 Chevrolet Style line Convertible

Bonnie & Clyde Special: Russel Pepper – 1930 Ford A Coupe

Photos by: Robert Hunter Photography & Nicolas Meiringer Blax Tex