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We are your specialist for the reparation and restoration of your classic car. We have made repairing, restoring and maintaining of valuable classic cars of any marque to our core business. Our services include all works on these vehicles from the yearly inspection to a complete restoration.

  • Full restoration of your classic car
  • Brake maintenance
  • Axle maintenance
  • Engine overhauling
  • Auto electric
  • Leather upholstery and padding
  • Woodwork
  • Chrome work
  • Lacquer coating your classic car
  • Sheet metal and body repair and restoration
  • Gearbox maintenance

Make use of our collect and return service! Naturally, we also handle all the transportation of your classic car.


A large majority of the ‘restored’ collector cars available for purchase were built specifically to be sold for a profit. Rarely are these cars done with the care, quality, or to the depth that they deserved. We have seen a number of restorations that have had to be completely re-restored in order to get them to the quality level the owner expected when they purchased the car. Low quality products and cutting corners to increase profit is why many of these cars have rather serious overall quality problems.

A restoration controlled by the owner allows quality to be determined not by how much the car will resale for but from those exact specifications from the owner himself. You control the quality start to finish and decide where to focus those labour hours and when to cut corners. We have found even our driver level restorations are at a quality level far and above many cars up for sale as ‘complete’ restorations.


If you are already enjoying a classic car, but those years are starting to show. You may want to upgrade components, refinish the interior, the exterior, restore the trim, or have some other work you need done. Finding a company that has experience and a history with classic cars is very important when you are deciding to have work done. Restoration companies should be at the top of your list when deciding where to send your car. We have heard many horror stories from owners who had a vehicle in for relatively simple upgrades.

When you are in control of the build start to finish, you are free to make changes to the car. Everything from addition of creature comforts, to modernizations and customizations will all be made available to you.

Cost & Value

A well-documented restoration performed by a renowned shop will always hold more value than one that is undocumented or completed by an unknown shop or individuals. The quality of products used, the skill of the restorer, the process documentation can all affect value.

The cost of a restoration is flexible depending on your specific goals and expectations for the completed restoration. We provide a large number of paths to fit nearly every budget. It is important to remember that it takes roughly the same amount of time to restore any car. We strongly believe that the true value of a car is relative to the owner and not to the market price.


What types of restoration services do you offer?

We offer three types of restorations. These include:


The highest level of restoration. The car is restored to its original, complete and pristine condition. Vehicles at this level are usually show only and rarely driven.

Most vehicles fall into this category. Technically completely overhauled. They may show some slight wear and imperfections, but they are highly presentable and enjoyed on weekends.

A less expensive and less time-consuming restoration than the previous two categories. This level restores the vehicle to the point where it is close in original appearance with a personal touch, technically suitable for daily driving.

Handling and Transportation?

Of all our restoration works, a detailed photo report is prepared. We offer a collect and return service, handling the transportation of your classic car. Moreover, we offer special inspection packages (incl. flight & hotel accommodation) for those who like to participate during the restoration of their own classic car. Please ask for more information.

Pricing a car restoration?

There are many variables when it comes to the cost of a restoration depending on how much you want done and what type of restoration you desire. All restorations are charged on an hourly basis with a restoration contract that spells out the work to be completed and our billing procedures.

How long will a car restoration take?

Completion times vary depending on the condition of the car, type of restoration desired and availability of parts. A relatively accurate estimate can be given upon visual inspection.

What is our experience with classic car restorations?

With several years of experience in restoration work, knowledge of classic cars, no job is too big or too small. Check out our Facebook page to see completed work.

Can you get information and parts needed for my restoration?

We have an extensive list of trusted sources and available resources for parts and information to see your project to completion. However, you are welcome to participate in the process, source your own spare parts, and deliver them in time to Coast Classics.

Do you offer free estimates?

We do charge for estimates; however, the fee will be deducted from any work done by Coast Classics.

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