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“Bonnie & Clyde Vintage Hot Rod Racing”, was initiated by Andreas Ullstein, who was soon joined by Ken Robinson. Both excessive classic car enthusiasts, who share the passion for authentic vintage Hot Rods and Motorcycle. 

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Ken Robinson & Andreas Ullstein

Since ever both are fascinated by the mother of all vintage Hot Rod races nowadays; “the greatest race on earth” called “The Race of Gentlemen” in the USA. Mel Stultz, the founder stated once; “The Race of Gentlemen is an automotive carnival that celebrates American racing heritage. A true homage to automobile and motorcycle history, hosted by the Oilers CC/MC. Spectators and racers alike will experience a simpler time of when guys were gentlemen and cars were king! Commonly referred to as TROG for short, the carefully curated event will give you a history lesson and an unforgettable weekend, all rolled into one.”

Not less important and on the other side of the pond is the Rømø Motor Festival, in Denmark. Yea, no speed records are set, as they have been set in the past during the years 1919-1924 on the beaches of Denmark. However, the enthusiastic team around Thomas Toft Bredahl, Carsten Bech, Steffen Sonnberg. Finn Andresen and Holger Sonnberg, created a true time pocket racing event for pre-ww2 cars and motorcycles in an up-to 1947 styling and engineering.

The team being based in southern Spain, Estepona – Costa del Sol, participates in various race events throughout Europe. Here the scene might be substantially smaller, however not less enthusiastic. Vintage Hot Rod racing events can be found in Spain, Italy, Germany, France and England.

In the past the team took part in events such as the RIVERSIDE Crazy Car Hop, the Motorbeach Festival in Spain, the GOW! at the Prescott Hill speed climb in the UK, Pendine Sands Hot Rod Races in Wales, the Normandy Beach Race in France, the Devil´s Hill Climb at the OSW A-Bombers Meeting in Sweden and of course the RØMØ Motor Festival in Denmark. 

The boys love the vintage racing heritage and “The Race of Gentlemen” or the RØMØ Motor Festival for example, are living breathing celebrations, of that history filled with action and fun for everybody. “Period Correct” is what all are looking for, being it for Motorcycles, Cars or the entire look and feel of their events.

Bonnie & Clyde and the boys are proud member of the Vintage Hot Rod Association, the VHRA and the Roadster Club Scandinavia, the RCS.

The “Die Young But Late” Tour 2019; took the boys seven months, nine events and over 9000km travelling throughout Europe. In 2020 the “Die Young But Late” Tour will be by no means less exciting than the previous year.

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Coast Classics  Hot Rod Racing


1927 Ford T-Roadster – 4 ´banger´ 

Coast Classics  Hot Rod Racing
Coast Classics  Hot Rod Racing


1922 Ford T-Roadster – V8 flathead

Coast Classics  Hot Rod Racing


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