p1922 Pan-Americanœ
"American Beauty special"


of the 1922 Pan-American "American Beauty Special" endurance race car project

In collaboration with our friend Glenn Billqvist of Recreating History in Sweden, we are thrilled to reveal our latest endeavour: the restoration of a unique 1922 Pan-American endurance rally car. This project not only celebrates the spirit of adventure and engineering prowess but also marks a significant piece of history. The Pan-American cars, originally sold from 1917 to 1922, have mostly faded into history.

However, our vehicle, a Pan-American “American Beauty” tourer, stands out as a rare gem - seemingly the only remaining car sold and registered in Europe in 1926, making it a unique testament to its era.

The Pan-American “American Beauty” symbolizes the innovation and endurance of the early 20th century. Our mission is to reinvigorate this historical marvel, adapting it for the demanding conditions of modern European endurance and marathon rallies. These events, with daily stretches of 200 to 400 km and total distances surpassing 2000 km, are true tests of durability for both the driver and the vehicle.

Central to our restoration project is a comprehensive mechanical overhaul, including:

A meticulously handcrafted aluminum body by Glenn Billqvist sets the foundation. He also boasts a 3.10m wheelbase and a chassis specifically enhanced for racing. Power comes from a robust straight 6-cylinder, 251 cubic inch flathead engine. Additionally, he is equipped with large tires designed for superior endurance and traction, an extended fuel tank for increased range, and ample storage to accommodate all essential rally equipment.

Our approach to this restoration balances the need for modern performance with a deep respect for the car's historical significance. Every enhancement aims to preserve the car's authentic character while preparing it for the challenges of contemporary racing events. More than just a race, endurance rallying is about the journey, the breathtaking landscapes, and the interplay between human and machine. Our Pan-American is designed to embody this ethos, merging historical allure with modern-day reliability.

This project is a journey through time, a testament to overcoming challenges, and a celebration of automotive heritage. We are eager to embark on this adventure, adding a new chapter to the story of the 1922 Pan-American, we named him the "American Beauty Special".

Keep an eye on this space for updates as we progress with the restoration. We look forward to seeing you at the Estepona500 in 2025, where we plan to unveil this magnificent machine.


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