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Mechanical assistance

For beginners, restoring classic cars may be a very hard task. While it may be safer to hire a mechanic to do all the restoration for you, it will be great if you also learn how to do some restoration of your classic. With Coast Classics, you will be able to participate in the restoration process as much as you wish. With our network of professionals and our 300 m2 of workshop, we are able to care of any kind of classic car restoration. Coast Classics is your “One Stop Shop” when it comes to the restoration or mechanical assistance of classic cars at the Coast del Sol.


From start to finish, we can help to locate the car of your dreams and restore it to your exact specifications.

Restoration Candidates

A large number of the cars restored at Coast Classics have some sentimental value to their owners, maybe it was a car purchased as a teenager, or one that was passed down. A specific car with some family heritage or personal memories is always a great candidate for a restoration. Everyone has at least one story on the car they wish they would have never sold, or the one they wish they could have owned earlier on in life. Restorations are a good option for people with a car in hand, but are also an often overlooked option for someone without one. The benefits of a restoration over purchasing a car ready to drive will vary from person to person and from car to car, but with a restoration at Coast Classics you are guaranteed a car of exceptional quality and built to your exacting specifications.

Before you procure a vehicle specifically for restoration there are several questions that should be asked. Is this the best car to start a restoration from? You will want to review the overall condition of the car, the options that are important to you, and numerous other factors. Remember that even if the car has some specific rare option you want you may be just as happy with a tribute to that car for half the cost. Coast Classics has years of experience assisting our customers on the procurement of restoration candidates and we would love to help get you started as well.

Classic Car Storage

Much more than a simple parking space or garage, Coast Classics offers car owners a secure way to store their classic or collectible cars. Our classic car storage facility is a place that caters to your needs, and your car’s. Here you can also meet enthusiasts who share your passion.

Our Location

We readily accept new customers from around Europe. To customers who cannot visit on a regular basis we provide weekly photo and video updates. We take our project documentation and customer communication very seriously. Moreover, we are located close to international and regional airports.