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Coast Classics credo: perfect work, uncompromising quality and reliable customer service. All according to the best standards.

Perfection, precision and passion

are the core principles of our work. The result:

great quality and enjoyment

Anyone who restores classic cars must strive for perfection, precision and passion. With our in-depth knowledge, skilled craftsmanship, understanding of the history and our attention to detail, Coast Classics are experts breathing the life back into classic cars in keeping with high standards of their respective marque.

However, we offer a whole lot more on top of that:

Buying, selling and brokering of classic cars

  • Selling spare parts for classic cars
  • Optimising the everyday driving qualities and safety of classic cars
  • Fitting special extras into classic cars
  • Accessories for classic cars
  • Customer service, maintenance, repairs of classic cars
  • Advice about buying a classic car – up front and at the time of purchase
  • Delivering in-depth expertise and reports for classic cars
  • Rental of American Classic Cars on the Costa del Sol

The One-Stop-Shop

Another backbone of the philosophy of our company, and the secret of its success, is our insistence on coordinating all the different stages of the restoration process themselves. This guarantees premium work, and nothing but premium work.

Coast Classics is organised like a small, largely autonomous carmaker, with the following service departments:

  • Body shop
  • Engine construction
  • Auto electronics
  • Spare parts procurement
  • Mechanics and tool construction
  • Final assembly, finishing
  • Sales and brokerage

The only stages of the process that are outsourced are paint spraying and joinery / upholstery. Coast Classics has a contract with specialists with over 30 years’ of experiences, who work exactly according to Coast Classics quality specifications.

“Our success speaks for itself,” says one of Coast Classics founder, adding: “Many of our customers bring cars to us that have been spoiled by other restorers, asking us to put things right. Our doors are always open and we encourage you to call and arrange for a personal tour as well.”